So...Its Just Social Media?

Reasons why doing it yourself might just not turn out the way you want it to.

1 Do you really want to ruin your relationship with a staff member?  Sounds harsh right? Well this can be the end result if pressure is put onto a member of your staff to be able to keep up with the latest platform transformations & trends within the ocean that is Social Media and expect them to keep up with their other day-to-day tasks.

2 You just won’t get the same targeting…   It’s the truth. A boosted ad here and a like campaign there with limited or no knowledge of highly specific targeting will not direct the right quality clients to the funnel that will lead to sales of your products/services.

3 Do what you are great at & leave it to us to get your products or services the limelight they deserve. Many times owners try to wear so many hats within a company that it gets so difficult for them to focus on what really matters. We help you get back on track and help you where you need it most…Social Platforms (a.k.a centre stage)!

4 Graphs? Yes within the realm of social media management their is in fact data that needs to be captured in order to successfully know where your company is heading from a online marketing perspective.

We read and analyze this data and make sure that it is used optimally to get the best out. This data is forwarded to you in summary to get an idea of where we are going with your strategy.

5 Brand awareness. Did you know that there are fantastic brands out there that nobody even knows about? Shocker, I know…and so so sad! It’s the reality of poor marketing.

Some fantastic brands that deserve the spotlight & a huge voice online just seem to fade into the background and it all comes down to tweaks in their ad campaigns & content management. Don’t let this be your mistake!

6 The mother of all issues… the Money VS Time aspect of outsourcing Social Media Management. The crux of the statement “how hard can it be” stems from budget constraints, poor understanding of what is truly involved and most importantly the misconception that its “just a couple of posts on FB” and it shouldn’t take too long.

Well Mr. Concerned Business Owner… you are sadly mistaken. Social media is one of the most strategic and thought out processes when it comes to marketing. You have a direct link to your prospective client’s visual stimulus at any time of the day and you dont want to take full advantage of that?! Might as well walk your clients out the door of your shop or business and tell them not to buy from you.

Yes, this may seem a bit harsh… but its the truth and having a company that is focused on keeping the content fresh and keeping eyes on your brand is what Socialis is all about!

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